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Museums are modern institutions that collect, preserve, research, and convey knowledge. This is also the case at the Trondheim Maritime Museum, founded as early as 1919.

The collections

The majority of the collection at the Trondheim Maritime Museum is owned by Trondhjems Sjømandsforening (Trondheim Sailor Association), but is managed by Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum.

The collection contains, among other things:
• Several hundred ship paintings, one of the biggest collections in Norway, some of them are hand-painted reproductions
• Several hundred framed photos, images of ships, crews, and individuals
• Almost 100 ship models given to us by a number of donors and about 60 half models from the shipbuilding company TMV
• A large collection of vintage navigation instruments (traverse boards/sextants/octants/compasses)
• Archivalia from several companies, ships, and associations
• An overview of the Trondheim foreign trade sailing ship fleet from about 1700 until the early 1900s. Contains 628 ship names
• An overview of sea captains, chief mates, and maritime pilots from 1704-1900. Contains 1,647 people
• Crew lists and lists of ship arrivals and departures from 18th and 19th century Trondheim
• Books: technical manuals and encyclopedias, non-fiction, magazines and journals, the complete Veritas ship register for the years 1880 -1993 (50 shelf meters)
• Several hundred nautical charts of different kinds
• Souvenirs, flags, uniforms etc.
• The TMV-archive with drawings have been transferred to the NTNU university library at Dora

At the museum, only parts of the collection are exhibited, but 2,669 objects have been registered in the Primus system and 2,303 objects can be viewed digitally using the Digitalt Museum website:

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